Health & wellbeing, Water  |  24 Dec 2019

The boil water notice for the Rawhiti water supply zone in east Christchurch has been lifted.

Residents in New Brighton and parts of Shirley, Bexley, Burwood, Avondale and Aranui no longer need to boil their water.

The move follows discussions with the Drinking Water Assessor and the Medical Officer of Health.

A boil water notice was issued on Saturday morning after laboratory tests of water samples taken from the Keyes pump station in Rawhiti Domain detected the presence of E-coli.

However, extensive flushing of the water supply network has now ensured that any potentially contaminated water has been eliminated.

Water sampling over the past three days has found no evidence of E-coli.

Staff will continue to monitor the water quality over the Christmas-New Year period.

The Keyes pump station will remain isolated from the network during further investigation.

While the station is offline, people are being asked not to water their gardens except during times of low water demand. This will help ensure that there is sufficient water for everyone and also maintain network pressure.

Please use only hand-held hoses on gardens before 7am or after 9pm.