Better streets & spaces  |  16 Mar 2020

A big increase in the number of cyclists using Waimairi Road in Ilam has prompted a proposal to install cycle lanes to boost safety.

The suggestion – covering a section between Maidstone Road and Peer Street – is open for community feedback, along with the removal of some on-street parking to accommodate the lanes.

Christchurch City Council Transport Planning and Delivery Manager Lynette Ellis says the number of cyclists using Waimairi Road has increased with the popularity of the Uni-Cycle Route.

“Along with the success of the Major Cycle Route between the city and Avonhead, there has been a lot more pressure on the Waimairi Road area, with a number of accidents involving cyclists,” Ms Ellis says.

“In order to ensure a safer environment for cyclists and motorists alike, cycle lanes are being considered to ease transport pressure.

“Any changes will be incorporated into planned work to resurface Waimairi Road over the 2020-2021 summer period.”

The number of cyclists using the Uni-Cycle Route, which crosses Waimairi Road at Dovedale Avenue, has climbed by up to 20 per cent annually.

Nearly 300 cyclists travel along Waimairi Road daily.

At present, Waimairi Road has on-street parking on both sides.

Under the proposal, on-street parking will be removed on the east side between Peer Street and Dovedale Avenue, along with sections on the west side.

Weekday P120 parking restrictions are also proposed for the east side of Waimairi Road from 8am to 6pm, March to November.

People can share their views or make suggestions on both the cycle lanes and the parking restrictions via Have Your Say. Feedback closes on Tuesday, 7 April.