Better streets & spaces  |  21 May 2020

Hereford Street, between Oxford Terrace and Manchester Street, is being upgraded.

The upgrade, approved by Christchurch City Council last year following consultation with local property owners, businesses and the wider community, will address the damage caused by the earthquakes and the subsequent demolition work.

“Hereford Street is in a substandard condition and needs to be reconstructed to bring it up to a standard that supports the vitality of the central city. Most businesses have indicated they would like the work done as soon as possible so we’ve decided to start the project earlier than originally planned,’’ says Council Transport Planning and Delivery Manager Lynette Ellis.

As part of the upgrade, Hereford Street’s badly damaged footpaths will be replaced with new paved footpaths, with extra space provided for street furniture and planters for trees. 

Spaces will also be provided at nights for ride share services and taxis servicing the bars and restaurants along Oxford Terrace and Hereford Street.

The Council is also taking the opportunity to renew the water main along Hereford Street, which is coming towards the end of its life, and to repair the storm water culvert under the northern footpath.

Contractor Fulton Hogan has already begun some preliminary work along Hereford Street and expects to get fully under way on the project in the next week or two.

Ms Ellis says they will be working in multiple locations along Hereford Street at the same time in order to progress the project as quickly as possible.

“It is estimated the upgrade of Hereford Street will be completed by early 2021 but we are exploring options to fast-track the completion,’’ Ms Ellis says.

When the main roading works begin, vehicles will only be able to travel eastbound on Hereford Street between Cambridge Terrace and Manchester Street. Business, pedestrian and parking building access will be maintained at all times, however on-street parking will be removed in the areas where the contractor is working.

“The bulk of this work will happen during the day but there will be times when the contractor will carry out specific tasks at night when the roads are quieter and less congested,’’ Ms Ellis says.

Victoria Street

Fulton Hogan is also reconstructing Victoria Street for the Council. The work involves replacing dilapidated storm water drains, kerb and channel, footpaths, road surface and street lighting, and improving the street's appearance through the addition of more trees and landscaping.

Widened footpaths, coloured surfacing, cycle lane markings, raised platforms and traffic calming measures are also going to be added to Victoria Street to create better definition for road users and a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

“We did consider doing the work on Victoria Street in stages but the feedback we’ve had from the local property owners and businesses is that they would prefer the work to be all tackled at once,’’ Ms Ellis says.

“As a consequence, work is now happening all the way along Victoria Street – on both sides of the road. It is disruptive but we are trying to get the project done as quickly as possible.’’

Traffic on Victoria Street is restricted to one-way only between Bealey Avenue and Kilmore Street. On street parking is currently available between Dorset Street and Corcovado. Two hours free parking available on Peterborough Street, opposite Christchurch Casino.

The combined cost of upgrading Hereford Street and Victoria Street is about $13.3 million.