Fire  |  15 Dec 2020

A restricted fire season is being imposed across Canterbury amid concern that forecast high temperatures this week will increase the fire risk.

This means that from midnight Wednesday 16 December a permit may be required to light a fire outside. If you have a permit, you will need to follow the permit’s conditions.

"There are a few 30 degree days forecast for Canterbury later this week. This heat, combined with the dry and windy conditions, increase the fire danger and risk of a wildfire,'' says Fire and Emergency New Zealand Region Manager Paul Henderson

"There have already been three significant fires across Canterbury this fire season - Lake Pukaki, Lake Ōhau and last weekend’s fire in Hillsborough on the Port Hills.

"People need to take the fire risk seriously. Please don’t let off fireworks in Canterbury over summer -  it's too risky with the heat and extreme dryness in the area.''

Mr Henderson says if people are undertaking spark generating activities, like mowing or grinding, they should do it during the cooler parts of the day.

"In these conditions a firework, or spark from machinery, could easily start a wildfire which would get quickly out of control."

Go to to check if you need a permit and for tips on how to reduce the risk of fire.