Have your say  |  17 Jan 2020

A proposed plan to rejuvenate the skate area in St Albans Park is open for community feedback.

Skaters and local residents can share their views in person with Christchurch City Council staff at the St Albans Skate Jam on Saturday from noon to 3pm or submit comments online.

The proposed skate area extension aims to accommodate beginners while continuing to cater to the more experienced skaters.

Council Head of Parks Andrew Rutledge says the proposed design opens up the skate park to a greater range of skill levels – and users.

“We want to ensure that the St Albans skate park is a place for everyone – a true hub for the local skate community,” Mr Rutledge says.

“The proposed extension enhances the park, providing improved facilities for urban sport enthusiasts that complement the revitalisation of the wider area.

“By making these changes, the skate area can be transformed into an accessible all-ages facility that still remains an action-packed site.”

Rich Landscapes, which specialises in skate park design, has created a concept landscape plan for the St Albans site that includes several beginner street-style features.

The proposed new area features rollover bumps, a quarter pipe with a deck and a small 200-millimetre platform ramp for those skaters starting out in the sport.

The plan will also appeal to experienced riders, with the addition of a hipped end off the quarter pipe and an extended rollover finger to the two mini ramps.

The park is already home to one of Christchurch’s few spines and back-to-back mini ramps.

Under the proposed changes, the skate area will almost double – expanding from 350 square metres to nearly 700sqm.

Among the proposed changes are the double rollover bumps, new balustrades, the steel and concrete-edged platform ramp, an umbrella shade sail and timber seating.

The new design delivers a smooth transition between the present flow features and the street-style extension. It follows initial feedback from the 2019 St Albans Skate Jam, readers of the St Albans Skate e-newsletter and local schoolchildren.

People can provide feedback on the plan from today until Monday, 17 February. Council staff will also be at the park on Tuesday, 4 February between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.

People can make suggestions or comments online through the Have Your Say page.

Any feedback will help inform a final decision on the proposed plan by the Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board.

1297 St Albans SP P3 PERS Layout MOD 2

The proposed plan for the St Albans skate park.