Health & wellbeing  |  26 Nov 2019

The All Right? campaign is launching a fun new resource to help kids identify and manage their emotions.

The 'Chitter Chatter’ card game, which is available now at Christchurch libraries,  is designed to get families together and talking about important stuff like emotions, empathy and managing worries. 

Each pack of the card game, designed for 5-12-year-olds, contains 40 fun challenges that can be applied to one of 14 emotions. Chitter Chatter scenarios include explaining an emotion to an alien, imagining a world where a certain feeling doesn’t exist, and acting out emotions in slow motion. 

All Right? manager Sue Turner says Chitter Chatter helps make it normal and fun for families to talk about emotions.

“Talking about how we’re feeling, recognising a wide range of emotions and learning how to work with them all help us build resilience and live more enjoyable lives.

“As parents we all have good intentions to spend meaningful time with our kids, but we don’t always have a lot of time. Playing Chitter Chatter for as little as five minutes a week is a small thing that can make a big difference”, says Ms Turner.

 Chitter Chatter packs can be picked up for free at Christchurch libraries for a limited time, or ordered from anywhere in New Zealand for a small cost at