Water  |  29 Nov 2019

People living and working in the Governors Bay area are being urged to restrict their water use while a burst water main is fixed and a reservoir refilled.

“We have contractors working to fix the burst water main on Merlincote Crescent but until that work is completed and the reservoir has time to refill, we need residents in the area to conserve water immediately,’’ says Christchurch City Council Water Reticulation and Maintenance Manager Tim Drennan.

“We are asking people to limit their water use to essential purposes only. You can still drink the water and cook with it but please don’t water gardens, do loads of washing or run baths until the water main has been repaired,’’ Mr Drennan says.

“You can still flush toilets but we ask that you only flush when necessary.’’

It is likely to take at least four hours to repair the water main and about 12 hours for the reservoir to refill so people in the area should restrict their water use until 9am Saturday.

“If the situation changes, we will let residents know,’’ Mr Drennan says.

UPDATE: The burst water main has been fixed and Governors Bay residents are no longer being asked to restrict their water usage.