Speed limit review  |  20 Jan 2020

A 30-kilometre an hour speed limit may be introduced along a busy stretch of Riccarton Road for safety reasons.

Riccarton Road currently has a 50km/h speed limit but Christchurch City Council is considering reducing this to 30 km/h in the section between Matipo Street and Straven Road.

“This central section of Riccarton Road is a busy pedestrian and shopping area and we think it would benefit from having a lower speed limit,’’ says Council Transport Operations Manager Steffan Thomas.

“Speed determines both the likelihood of a crash occurring and the severity of the outcome. Regardless of what causes a crash, whether people walk away or are carried away will depend on the speed the vehicles are travelling.

"It is not just about keeping the driver and passengers of a car safe, if a vehicle crashes into a vulnerable road user at speeds higher than 30 km/h, the risk of them dying or being seriously injured increases greatly. 

“A 30km/h speed limit would complement the streetscape improvements we are making and make the area safer and more attractive for all users,'' Mr Thomas says.

Under the Council’s proposal, a 30km/h speed limit would also extend to the busy retail areas of Rotherham and Division streets.

“We are also proposing to introduce a 40km/h speed limit on the side streets between Riccarton Road and Riccarton Bush. This is in response to concerns raised by local residents about drivers who short-cut at speed through these streets,’’ Mr Thomas says.

The Council is seeking public feedback on the proposed Riccarton speed limit changes. People can share their views online via Have Your Say until Monday 10 February.

A community drop-in session where people can come along and ask Council staff questions about the proposed changes will be held on Tuesday, 28 January. The drop-in session will be at the new Rārākau: Riccarton Centre, 199 Clarence Street, between 3pm and 6pm.