Central city, Health & wellbeing  |  2 Dec 2019

Workers in Christchurch’s city centre are in for some fun surprises this week.

Gap Filler is bringing back its free pop-up event series - Moodshift - that aims to support positive wellbeing among central city workers by encouraging them to take a micro-pause and participate in something fun.

Each lunchtime between middy and 2pm this week there will be new event or activity in Cashel Mall that people can participate in.

Gap Filler Project Developer Rhiannon Josland says each event will be unique and the public won’t know the nature of it until they arrive.

“The events will be unpredictable, contagious and fun,’’ Ms Josland says. “We held our first Moodshift earlier this year and the response we got was amazing. We can’t wait to see the reactions we get with the activities this time around.’’

The first Moodshift saw people squealing down a giant inflatable slide, gifting sunflowers to strangers, and enjoying a 'cuppa and cake' served by elderly residents inside an inflatable igloo.

All Right? Manager Sue Turner says that taking a break from work and socialising is important for wellbeing.

“We know that taking small breaks is a really important way to recharge so you can be your best. Moodshift is all about making time to have a breather, have some fun, and interact with others. It’s going to be a welcome injection of fun!’’

Gap Filler’s Moodshift series is supported by All Right? and Christchurch City Council.