Infrastructure upgrades  |  2 Mar 2020

A 535-metre wastewater pipeline has been installed under the Heathcote River, marking a major milestone in work on the Lyttelton Harbour wastewater project.

It will attach the Alport Place pump station to the Heathcote Valley pipeline – signalling a major step in the project to connect Lyttelton Harbour’s wastewater system to the main Christchurch system.

The installation was completed early on Sunday, with the pipeline pulled along Ferry Road overnight. The pipeline was drawn through the tunnel under the Ferry Road roundabout and river by a specialist drill rig. The rig is the only one of its kind in New Zealand.

The work team will pressure test the pipe this week to ensure it is ready for use.

The multimillion-dollar project will put an end to the routine discharge of treated wastewater into Lyttelton Harbour.