Transport options  |  10 Dec 2020

Christchurch City Council has signalled that it will provide an extra $60 million of funding for public transport over the next 10 years as part of its commitment to improving bus services.

It has endorsed the Greater Christchurch Public Transport Business Case that has been developed jointly by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Environment Canterbury (ECan), Waimakariri District Council, Christchurch City Council and Selwyn District Council.

The business case sets out the investments that are needed to improve the public transport network in Christchurch and to get more people traveling by bus rather than private vehicle.

“This business case puts us on a path to a more reliable and frequent bus system that encourages more people to use Christchurch’s bus services,” says Urban Development and Transport Committee Chair Councillor Mike Davidson.

“To get people moving from their cars into public transport we have to offer a better service. During our Long Term Plan process we will look at investing more money on bus lanes, intersection improvements, and passenger facilities, with ECan increasing frequency at the same time, so that we make going by bus a more attractive proposition for people,’’ Cr Davidson says.

 “Additional work on integrated ticketing, fare structures and electrification of the fleet is also ongoing at ECan”

“We need a coordinated approach to public transport so it has been brilliant to have all of our Greater Christchurch partners involved in this important project. The business case that we have endorsed provides us with a good platform to present this work to the Government for further investment.”