12 Mar 2021

All local authorities must prepare a Long Term Plan (LTP) every three years, outlining planned spending over the next 10 years.

It focuses on the ‘big picture’ – our opportunities and challenges – and how we plan to manage them.

Christchurch City Council’s Long Term Plan 2021–31 (LTP) is our commitment to delivering the services and infrastructure our city needs to thrive, and an opportunity for everyone to shape the future of our city for the next 10 years.

That opportunity comes with the consultation process, which starts on Friday 12 March. We plan to have the LTP adopted in June.

The LTP takes a long-term view of the Council’s responsibilities, and responds to changes in what the community needs, or to our financial circumstances.

We review our plans regularly to make sure they’re still appropriate. Any changes can be incorporated into our Annual Plans, which are our budget for the coming year, and give us an opportunity to change course more quickly if we need to.