Water  |  12 Mar 2021

The final stages of work are under way to connect up the water reservoir bypass at L’Aube Hill Reserve in Akaroa.

A boil water notice has been in place for Akaroa and Takamātua residents since 12 February after the local water reservoir was found to be contaminated.

The new temporary bypass is currently in the commissioning phase, and work is ongoing to add it to the controls of the local water treatment plant to allow for fully automatic operation.

“Over the weekend, we’ll collect and analyse water samples from the bypass’s tanks and pipes to ensure the water is completely safe before we fully switch over to start operating the bypass in the water supply network,” says Christchurch City Council’s Head of Three Waters and Waste, Helen Beaumont.

“We expect to be in a position to lift the boil water notice next week – until that happens, there is still a public health risk. People must continue to boil their tap water until further notice.

“If you live in Akaroa or Takamatua and your drinking-water comes from a storage tank connected to the local water supply network, then you must keep boiling tap water even after the notice has been lifted and until your tank has been properly cleaned. Christchurch City Council staff will contact you directly to confirm what needs to happen.”

Ms Beaumont says the Council needs to hear from anyone in Akaroa or Takamātua with a drinking-water storage tank connected to the water supply network.

“We’re aware of a number of properties with such tanks, but we need to make sure we hear from everyone who has one so we can help with ensuring those tanks aren’t still holding potentially contaminated water from the old reservoir.”

Residents can email the Council at WaterSupply@ccc.govt.nz or phone 0800 800 169 to leave their contact details so Council staff can follow up directly.

Ms Beaumont says the current Level 4 water restrictions for Akaroa and Takamātua are still needed.

“The temporary reservoir’s capacity is much less than the old one, and the streams that supply the drinking water are still very low, so we need Akaroa and Takamātua residents to be particularly mindful of their water use at this time please.”

Planning work is already under way to install an additional temporary reservoir to increase the storage capacity.