13 Jun 2024

Streets in Aranui will be permanently upgraded to make the area safer for people heading to nearby schools, shops or through the community.

The Waitai Coastal-Burwood-Linwood Community Board approved installing safety improvements throughout Breezes Road, Shortland Street, Hampshire Street and Rowan Avenue.

What the trial data shows:
  • Lower vehicle speeds at eight of the nine count locations – including outside Haeata Community Campus, Chisnallwood Intermediate and St James School.
  • An average of 8.63% speed drop.
  • The Hampshire Street speed counts recorded an average speed of 52.9 km/h before the trial, a reduction 40.5 km/h was recorded post construction.
  • A 14% increase in active travel use at Haeate Community Campus.
  • More students wanting to change their travel habits and use active models
Upgrades including a new pedestrian crossing, speed humps, intersection upgrades, wider footpaths and bollards were trialled earlier this year, funded 90% through NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi’s Streets for People programme.

The main aim was to encourage school students from nearby Haeata Community Campus, St James School and Chisnallwood Intermediate to use active transport modes.

Throughout the trial, residents told the Council they felt some intersections had been made too tight, so vehicles were having to cross the centre line and that the bollards are unattractive.

Changes have been made to the final design and so the intersections will be widened to make turns less harsh, replacing the temporary bollards with permanent kerb build outs.

These upgrades were approved by the Board, as well as permanently installing the speed humps, platforms, and raised pedestrian crossings.

Community Board Chair Paul McMahon said the safety of pedestrians, particularly from nearby schools, was the key consideration when making the decision to permanently upgrade the roads.

“This area is busy with children playing and lots of pedestrians - making sure they’re safe is our priority,” he said.

“I’m pleased we’ve gone through the robust trial process and adapted the designs both during the trial around Wainoni Park and St James School, and then again when making this permanent decision.”

“The Aranui community turned out in force to share their views, and I think we have the best combination of making the streets safer for everyone and responding to their submissions,” Mr McMahon said.

Construction to make the changes permanent will begin next week.