Facilities  |  9 Apr 2020

Christchurch City Council will seek the views of its statutory partners about amending the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (CCRP) to address the potential effects of the new multi-use arena.

A draft outline of the process to develop the amendments to the CCRP was considered and approved by the Council today.

“The CCRP needs to be amended so that the impacts of the new multi-use arena, particularly regarding factors like noise for immediate neighbours, can be managed effectively,’’ says Council General Manager Citizens and Community Mary Richardson.

“These amendments will be developed in consultation with our statutory partners and the affected community and will be sought under the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act,’’ Ms Richardson says.

“With a project of the size and scope of the multi-use arena, there is always a great deal of preparatory work that needs to be done before construction can get under way.

“The detailed site investigation and other physical works on site cannot begin until the lockdown is over but the project team are working hard on advancing the plans for the arena,’’ Ms Richardson says.