Sustainable living, Things to do  |  30 Aug 2022

Ever wondered what it would be like to live completely off the grid, far away from civilisation?

Kiwi adventurer and author of the best-selling book, The Boy from Gorge River, Chris Long, has had his fair share of experience in remote living and has more than a few stories to tell.

He will be sharing some of those stories when he opens the Sustainable Living series at Tūranga on Wednesday 7 September with a talk about his life.

The free event will include a book signing and the opportunity to chat with Chris following the talk.

Chris grew up as a member of “the remotest family in New Zealand” in South Westland, two days’ hike from the nearest road, and lived off the land with his parents and sister.

His father Robert first came across an abandoned fisherman’s hut at Gorge River in 1980 and established the family’s home there. They have remained there ever since, but Chris’ adventurous spirit has since taken him around the world and back.

“We never wasted any food and would only throw away vegetable scraps, which would rot down in the garden, fertilising the soil. It almost makes me cry to see how much good food is wasted by people in the developed world,” Chris says in an excerpt from his book.

The Sustainable Living series at Tūranga takes place throughout September.

“The series is all about encouraging people to get curious about sustainability, so what better way to  start than by hearing from someone who’s dedicated their life to just that,” says Carolyn Robertson, Head of Libraries and Information.

The Sustainable Living series focuses on providing practical tips for doing more with less.

Everything from waste minimisation demonstrations, to clothing rescue workshops and the return of The Great Stash Swap and The Great Library Plant and Seed Swap will be happening over the next four weeks.

“You may be looking to set up your own composting solutions but not know where to start. These free events give people the opportunity to hear from experts, ask questions and see firsthand demonstrations on how to get started with your own home waste system. If you’re interested in sustainability there will something for you in this series,” Ms Robertson says.

For the full schedule of events visit the Sustainable Living page.