Things to do  |  12 May 2021

Christchurch’s much-loved KidsFest will celebrate 30 years of entertaining, teaching and connecting children in July.

The activity-packed winter school holidays festival – popular with both parents and children alike – will power up from 10 July, with bookings open from Monday 31 May. The KidsFest events website will be live from Thursday 27 May so that you can plan your own programme.

With hundreds of exciting and interactive activities to choose from and heaps of entertaining events, the demand for spots during the two-week festival will be very high.

Christchurch City Council Events and Arts Manager Tanya Cokojic says KidFest is a “wonderful opportunity to bring young people together to enjoy a huge range of experiences and activities”.

“With KidsFest, they can use their imagination, benefit from creative learning and explore interactive activities,” she says. “It’s also a chance to try something new and perhaps discover a fresh interest.

“KidsFest aims to entertain and educate while creating special memories for families.

“You can learn how to build and launch your own rocket with the Christchurch Rocketeers, experience the freezing temperatures faced by huskies and ride a husky rig, brew a potion or head to a performing arts camp.

“This year’s programme, which runs from Saturday 10 July to Sunday 25 July, really opens the door to creativity and amazing activities and opportunities.”

Keep an eye out for updates on the KidsFest Facebook page or at