Parks and playgrounds  |  11 Feb 2021

Two riverside reserves have been gifted names by a local rūnanga to reflect the significance of the Styx area.

The new names follow extensive planting work by Christchurch City Council staff and volunteer groups.

Residents can comment on the move to name Styx River Reserve No. 2 and Kaputone Esplanade Reserve as Te Waoku Kahikatea and Te Waoku Kapuka, respectively, before the Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board considers the proposal following a staff report.

Council Head of Parks Andrew Rutledge says that both names recognise plants and trees flourishing in the reserves.

“It’s important to highlight connections to the area, reflecting the history and significance of the wider Styx area,” he says.

“Waoku Kapuka references the prolific natural regeneration of kapuka/broadleaf along Ka Putahi Creek within the reserve, while Waoku Kahikatea acknowledges more than 3000 kahikatea planted in that area.

“Volunteers have contributed significantly to enhancing and developing these reserves – off Guthries Road, Marshland, and Radcliffe Road, Belfast – and we need to acknowledge the importance of these areas with appropriate names.”

Please send any comments on the proposal to Kim Swarbrick by Sunday, 28 February.