Climate change  |  14 Sep 2022

The question of whether Christchurch can plant its way out of climate change will be explored at the next event in the Christchurch Conversations series.

Plants are vital for life on Earth. In a warming world, they provide shade, reduce erosion, slow flooding, store carbon, and more. The effective use of this green infrastructure is a vital component for cities as the challenges of climate change intensify.

From street trees and rain gardens to carbon accounting, ‘Can Christchurch plant its way out of climate change?’ is an exploration of the opportunities and limitations of using plants in response to climate change.

This is the third event in the Christchurch Conversations series and gives people the opportunity to hear from a panel of experts on the big questions about the big climate questions facing us all.

The series is presented by Te Pūtahi and supported by the Council’s Sustainability Fund that aims to support community projects addressing climate change.

Speakers will include Dr David Hall from AUT, who researches politics and policy with a focus on climate change, land use, sustainable finance and just transitions, Meg Back, a landscape architect and Tuia Pito Ora NZILA national executive, Danny Rood, a Toitū environmental practitioner cutting carbon for businesses, and Associate Professor Justin Morgenroth from University of Canterbury, School of Forestry, who is focused on the challenges faced by urban trees and the critical roles they play in cities around the world.

“The function of trees and urban forests is a vital part of the future of our city. This talk will cover everything from how we can use plants to reduce the impacts of our fast-changing climate, through to the ins and outs of offsetting emissions by planting trees,” says Tony Moore, Christchurch City Council Climate Resilience Lead.

This event will be held in the TSB Space, Level 1 of Tūranga from 6 to 7.30pm, Tuesday 20 September. Come and learn about the steps we can take to reach our climate change goals as a city. This is a free community event, but bookings are required. You can join us in person or online. If you have missed any Christchurch Conversations events they are available to view on Te Pūtahi website.

Christchurch Conversations is a partnership between Te Pūtahi, Christchurch City Council and Series Research Partner, The Building Better Homes Towns and Cities: National Science Challenge.