6 May 2024

Nina Harris’s commute to work is quick, hassle-free, and it’s cheap.

According to the results of the latest Life in Christchurch Transport survey, people like Nina are making the most of the city’s public transport system and have increased their usage.

The results show public transport use bumped up from 25% of people surveyed in 2022 to 29% in 2023 and of those using the bus, a third reported using it more frequently.

For Nina, there are a lot of benefits to catching the bus.

“It’s just so easy, the drivers are super friendly, the bus stops and shelter frequency are amazing and its very stress free,” she said.

“But the buses being so cheap is one of the greatest incentives for me. Because I am a student, it’s only $1 per trip. Which is remarkable compared to using $5+ on fuel, paying for parking and the extra hassle it would take to drive my own vehicle to the same desired location.”

Nina said it’s also important for her in helping reduce her carbon footprint.

“I also love to use active transport by cycling, but I don’t always want to bike in the rain or strong winds so public transport eliminates that worry too!”

The survey is one in a series the Christchurch City Council holds throughout the year with about 4,500 residents responding to questions late last year about transport, particularly focussing on ease of travel and safety.

Findings show driving is still our most used form of transport, however 21% of drivers surveyed are now using a hybrid or electric car.

Sixty per cent of people walk more than once a month to work, education, shopping, social activities, or recreation and 34% of respondents travel by bike.  

In terms of safety, 40% agreed or strongly agreed that Christchurch’s transport network is safe for all users, while 35% disagreed or strongly disagreed.  Half of respondents who cycle, walk or scooter have had an accident or close call in the past 12 months.

The findings showed ease of travel increased for active modes of transport - 67% of public transport users, 69% of cyclists and 77% of people who walk regularly report they find travelling by these modes easy.

See the full results of the Life in Christchurch Transport Survey here.