Better streets & spaces  |  17 Aug 2020

Improvements to central city streets are motoring along, with an early finish forecast for mid-September for Victoria Street and early November for Hereford Street.

Both projects cover repairs to broken roads and pipes, and will deliver safer, more attractive and people friendly streets to draw more people to these areas of the city.

Christchurch City Council Transport Planning and Delivery Manager Lynette Ellis says that the contractor is “focusing on completing the more disruptive work in Victoria Street so that workers can get out of the way and let the businesses prepare for their busy period”.

“Minor landscaping will still be required but the invasive work is expected to be finished by the middle of next month,” she says. “We are pleased with the contractor’s progress on this extensive street upgrade, which will greatly enhance the area.

“We have had to put in a lot of work to get the infrastructure up to scratch and we appreciate the support of local businesses in dealing with the disruption.

“Our contractor has already replaced 911 metres of old storm water drains and rebuilt much of the street, including footpaths and open spaces.

“New street lighting and improved landscaping and footpath upgrades will also lift the area.”

Ms Ellis says that the complementary enhancements – such as landscaping – will not affect traffic flow and once the main work is completed, all of Victoria Street – from Bealey Avenue to Kilmore Street – will reopen to two-way traffic.

Meanwhile, work to upgrade Hereford Street – between Cambridge Terrace and Manchester Street – is also ramping up, with the project ahead of schedule.

“Our contractor expects to wind up most of the invasive work in Hereford Street by the start of November,” Ms Ellis says.

“Again, there will be minor work – such as landscaping and planting – that needs to be completed after this date but we will have finished the road work.

“There are also extra challenges with working around the tram tracks to maintain the tram operation.”

Hereford Street will also undergo a major landscape and footpath makeover.