Weather  |  14 Dec 2021

The MetService has issued a severe weather warning for Canterbury and Banks Peninsula and forecasters are predicting that as much 100 to 160mm of rain could fall over the region tomorrow and Thursday.

Christchurch City Council is putting measures in place to reduce the flood risk.

“The heavy rain is likely to result in some surface flooding, particularly in low lying areas and near the rivers,’’ says Head of Three Waters and Waste Helen Beaumont.

“We will have pumps on standby in the Maces Road, Bromley area, Flockton area,  and Ebbtide Street in New Brighton.

“We are managing the beach and estuary outfall stormwater pipes at Sumner and Southshore to ensure maximum efficiency of the stormwater network and we will have extra staff on standby to respond to any issues that might arise,’’ Ms Beaumont says.

“If you know there are leaves blocking sumps or drains by your property, it would help us if you could remove them, if it is safe to do so, and put them in your green wheelie bin."

If residents have concerns about flooding, Ms Beaumont says they should phone the Council’s call centre on 03 941-8999. If there are widespread issues, priority will be given to responding to calls about flooding that is causing a safety issue or threatening people’s homes and businesses.

“If you need to be on the roads over the next few days, please drive slowly, particularly through any surface flooding, so that you don’t push water onto people’s properties. Also, try and avoid walking or biking through surface flooding as there is a chance it could be contaminated with wastewater."