26 Jul 2017

The State of Emergency in Christchurch has been lifted, as the clean up from the floods continues. Get the latest information here.

10am: Road closure update for Banks Peninsula

Western Valley Rd (M13 Bridge) closed.

French Farm Valley Rd (past last house) closed by a slip

Other roads in the area are open but may have slips and/or trees partially blocking the road and care is advised. Contractors are working to clear the roads. 

4pm: State of Emergency lifted

Mayor Lianne Dalziel has this afternoon lifted the State of Emergency around flooding in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula.

"The immediate dangers posed by significant rainfall and abnormally high tides are now behind us. We haven't had any rainfall since Saturday and we know the river levels and storage basins are gradually and continuously dropping," says Mayor Dalziel.

"The low-pressure system that was affecting tidal levels has now passed, and while they remain high, they are now within normal tidal ranges.

"Although we are transitioning into a recovery period, we are still monitoring river levels, tides and weather forecasts very closely, to ensure we are ready to react if we need to.

"The forecast of further rain from this Thursday means the situation is still changeable, but we are working hard to minimise any impacts by clearing flood debris from rivers, sumps and storm-water grates, and keeping pumps deployed in Southshore and Flockton."

Clean-up programme

Christchurch City Council staff and contractors today began a coordinated flood clean-up programme. The bulk of work in worst-affected areas is expected to be completed by the end of tomorrow (Wednesday). This includes street sweeping, sump cleaning and temporary pothole repairs.

As waters recede and roads dry out, crews are using vehicle-mounted mechanical brooms to sweep silt and debris from flood-affected roads. Crews are also visiting properties worst affected by sewage contamination to remove any waste.

Council Park Rangers will this Saturday coordinate a group from the Student Volunteer Army to collect rubbish and clear silt from pathways in public spaces. The cleared-away silt piles will then be removed by contractors.

Flood debris on private properties

Residents who have had silt or debris deposited onto their properties by flooding should contact their insurer or landlord. For general health and safety advice about handling flood debris, residents can contact Community and Public Health by phoning 03 364 1777.

Heathcote River and Southshore

Heathcote River levels continue to drop and upper storage basins are emptying slowly. Based on past data, it will take up to three more days for the storage basins to empty to a stage where the effect on water levels in the river is no longer noticeable.

Pumps will remain in place in Southshore and Flockton to remove any water from the streets as needed, and water levels will continue to be monitored during the current series of high tides.

Further rain is currently forecast from this Thursday, however accurate predictions of depth and intensity are currently uncertain. The Recovery Team will continue to monitor river levels, tides and weather forecasts closely.

Road closures

Most flood-affected roads in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula have re-opened, however a handful still remain closed.

Check out our map to get the latest information on road closures.