Water  |  1 Feb 2021

Water restrictions in place for Christchurch have been lifted, but Level 3 restrictions remain in place for parts of Banks Peninsula.

Christchurch has been under Level 1 water restrictions since 14 January to ensure Christchurch City Council could keep supplying a fair amount of water for the city while having enough in reserve for firefighting if needed.

“We’re very thankful for people’s cooperation while the water restrictions have been in place for Christchurch and also for people’s ongoing patience while restrictions continue for parts of Banks Peninsula,'' says Council Head of Three Waters and Waste Helen Beaumont.

“It definitely makes a difference and helps make sure we can keep the water pumping at good pressure for everyone, with enough on hand in our reservoirs in case there’s a fire emergency.”

“We’re still encouraging people in Christchurch to practise good garden-watering habits, as this has the biggest impact on the city’s water supply network over summer.

“Using a hand-held hose or watering can – instead of a sprinkler or irrigation system – is generally much more accurate and water-efficient. Similarly, watering when it’s cool in the early morning or late evening, when it’s dark, also means plants soak up much more water than during the heat of the day,'' Ms Beaumont says.

Level 3 water restrictions are still in place for Akaroa, Duvauchelle and Takamatua on Banks Peninsula. The streams that supply drinking water to those townships have been especially low this year due to much lower-than-average rainfall.