12 Mar 2021

An important focus of our 10-year draft budget is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions – through making changes to the way we travel, the waste we create and the energy we use.

We will also invest in developing our understanding of the impacts of climate change so we can better prepare and respond to these together with our communities, and to meet Government’s requirements.

During the period covered by the Long Term Plan 2021–2031, our action to meet this challenge will include:

  • Working with Ngāi Tahu and Papatipu Rūnanga, businesses, organisations and the community to develop and implement actions in our draft Ōtautahi Christchurch Climate Change Strategy.
  • Adaptation planning with communities that will be impacted by sea level rise through coastal erosion, coastal inundation and rising groundwater. We’ll engage with all communities across Christchurch and Banks Peninsula to understand and develop responses to sea level rise impacts.
  • Supporting Christchurch residents to take their own climate change action, with advice and tools on sustainability.
  • Supporting climate-focused community projects through the annual $380,000 Sustainability Fund.
  • Supporting the improvement of biodiversity outcomes across the city through the annual $190,000 Biodiversity Fund.
  • Spending $13.1 million on planting across the city. A big focus of the next 10 years will be providing the millions of plants required for the ecological restoration of the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor.
  • Improving our ability to cope with more extreme rain and flooding. We’ll put $421 million into measures that will reduce the risk from flooding and improve our waterways.
  • Improving the sustainability and resilience of our transport network – we’re prioritising the environment, safety, access, and affordability. In this Draft Long Term Plan, $347.9 million is allocated to projects that support better environmental outcomes, including:
    • $235.8 million on all cycling projects and programmes, which includes $87.3 million in in ‘shovel ready’ funding from the Government to deliver a number of major cycleways and complete the Coastal Pathway.
    • $4.3 million charging facilities within Council parking buildings.
    • $90.7 million to improve our public transport facilities across the city.
    • The balance of projects are planned to improve our central city networks.
  • Further improvements to the Council vehicle fleet, working towards electrification and nil emissions by 2030.
  • Managing Council facilities to reduce the energy they use.
  • Investigating options to monitor and reduce emissions associated with our wastewater services.
  • Producing bio-gas, and generating energy from bio-gas, at our Bromley wastewater treatment plant.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of our water supply network by changing the design of our infrastructure, building it in a different way with different materials, and looking at the energy efficiency and fuel use.
  • Investing in using highly treated wastewater from Akaroa to irrigate new areas of native trees at Robinson Bay, Takamātua and Hammond Point.
  • Exploring infrastructure solutions that reduce the amount of embodied carbon, such as water tanks made of steel with a high proportion of recycled metal.

This is our first Long Term Plan to include a climate change lens over everything, and it won’t be the last. More work needs to be done, and future Long Term Plans will reflect this.