Council updates  |  8 Jun 2021

Christchurch City Council is meeting at 9.30am on Thursday 10 June. The main items on the agenda for the public part of the meeting are:

  • A report from the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board that recommends the Council approve landscape improvements to the Victoria Street Green Triangle at 81 Victoria Street.
  • A report from the Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board on the Beckenham Neighbourhood Slow Traffic Poject, which involves a set of temporary design interventions aimed at making the area safer and more people-friendly.
  • A report from the Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board on safer routes to school improvements in the Brougham Street to Somerfield Street area.
  • The Mayor’s monthly report on the external activities that she has been involved in on behalf of the Council.
  • A report which recommends the Council authorise the transfer of $1.1 million from the Council’s consolidated account to the Social Housing Fund. The transfer will address the financial imbalance in the way the Council was compensated by the Crown for the loss of its red-zoned social housing complexes.
  • A report which recommends the Council endorse the terms of reference for the Banks Peninsula, Christchurch-West Melton, and Selwyn-Waihora Zone Committees.
  • A report relating to proposed new planning rules to manage the noise effects from the new Canterbury Multi-Use Arena.

Read the full agenda.

The public are welcome to attend the Council meeting, which will be held in the Council Chamber on the second floor of the Civic Offices in Hereford Street. Alternatively, you can watch the meeting on the live-stream