Council updates  |  25 Oct 2019

Christchurch City Council is meeting on Thursday 31 October at 9.30am. The main items on the agenda for the public part of the meeting are:

  • A report recommending the Council adopt Commissioner Sarah Dawson’s recommendations on Plan Change 1 to the Christchurch District Plan, which relates to the Woolston Risk Management Area.
  • A report detailing the Council’s dog control policy and practices.
  • A report updating the Council on the progress of the updated Water Safety Plan and water supply security improvements.
  • A report from the Mayor recommending a new committee structure for the 2019-2022 triennium.
  • A report which recommends the establishment of a consultative group for transitional land use of Christchurch’s red zones.
  • A report which seeks the Council’s endorsement of the proposed $40 million allocation from the Christchurch Regeneration Acceleration Facility to encourage people and investment into the Otākāro Avon River Corridor.
  • A report which seeks the Council’s endorsement of the investment case for $40 million Christchurch Regeneration Acceleration Facility for roading and transport improvements.
  • A report outlining the changes proposed in the Resource Management Bill and the likely implications for Council. The report also seeks the Council's approval of a draft submission on the Bill.

Read the full agenda.

The public are welcome to attend the Council meeting, which will be held in the Council Chamber on the second floor of the Civic Offices in Hereford St. Alternatively you can watch the meeting on the live-stream.