Council updates  |  2 Sep 2022

Christchurch City Council is meeting at 9.30am on Thursday 8 September. The main items on the agenda for the public part of the meeting are:

  • The monthly reports from the Community Boards outlining the significant issues and projects in their areas.
  • A report recommending public notification of changes to the Christchurch District Plan to give effect to Government priorities, directed through the National Policy Statement on Urban Development and the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Act.
  • A report on the Council’s relationship with Ngā Papatipu Rūnanga.
  • A report providing joint advice from both Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council staff in relation to the re-instatement of a central city shuttle trial.
  • A report outlining the outcome of public consultation on the draft Smart Christchurch Strategy and presenting the final version of the strategy to the Council for adoption.
  • A report seeking Council’s approval for the granting of a temporary unregistered right of way easement over Council reserve in the Botanic Gardens for a period of eight months.
  • A report that recommends the Council makes two grants from its Capital Endowment Fund. One of the recommended grants is for the organisers of the Santa Parade; the other is for the Canterbury Society of Artists Trust (CoCA).
  • A Hearings Panel report that recommends a change to the way the Council manages treated wastewater at the Banks Peninsula settlement of Duvauchelle.
  • A reporting seeking a decision from Council on the management of on-road flooding through Edgeware village.
  • A report updating the Council on building consenting activity in June and July 2022.
  • A report updating the Council on Central City regeneration activities and projects.

Read the full agenda.

The Council meeting will take place in the Council Chamber on the second floor of the Civic Offices in Hereford Street. The public are welcome to attend or to watch it on the live-stream.