9 Feb 2017

The community will be consulted on three possible locations for the new combined library, leisure centre, community and customer service facilities planned for south west Christchurch.

At its meeting today Christchurch City Council agreed to start consulting the community on location options.

“It’s important we, the Council, provide brilliant facilities for every area of the city. Places people can access easily and where they feel welcome. I’m delighted we are able to involve the south west community in the decision on the location of its new facility and let them shape a facility that best suits their needs,’’ said Cr Vicki Buck.

Over the past months the project team have considered and evaluated a number of possible sites against a range of criteria for determining locations for the Council’s community facilities such as libraries and pools.

Three locations have been identified to seek community input on, these include, Warren Park, Denton Park and Kyle Park.

Along with the community’s input into the location, consultation will also provide the opportunity for the public to offer alternative locations and feedback on the form, function and nature of facilities that best meet the current and future needs and aspirations of the community.

The Council set aside $34m in the 2015/2025 Long Term Plan for the provision of a co-located facility of between 4,100m2 and 4,400m2 in what is the fastest growing area of Christchurch.

The proposed scope of the facility includes a library, gym and fitness centre, leisure, lane swimming and learn to swim facility, community meeting rooms and customer service facilities.

The project team will work with the existing users of the preferred location to minimise any potentially negative effects and focus on working together to bring a fantastic community facility to Hornby.

It is expected that public consultation will take place in April and that the new facility will open in 2020.