Facilities  |  28 Mar 2019

Construction of Christchurch's Metro Sports Facility will get underway in May following Ōtākaro Limited's decision to award the $221 million build contract to CPB Contractors Limited.

The Metro Sports Facility is expected to be completed late in 2021.

An artist's impression of the Metro Sports Facility competition pool.

An artist's impression of the Metro Sports Facility competition pool.

“As the largest sports and recreation venue of its kind in New Zealand, the Metro Sports Facility will play an important part in Christchurch’s regeneration. It will give everyone the opportunity to get active and bring national and international competitions to the city,'' says Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive John Bridgman.

“It is tremendous to be able to take this step forward. As we’ve seen with Te Pae, getting a contractor on site and a building out of the ground does a lot for people’s confidence in Christchurch.

“Building the Metro Sports Facility will be of great benefit to the local construction industry with at least 80 percent of the sub-trades to be sourced domestically.

“We expect more than $60 million in wages and salaries will be paid to the local workforce throughout the course of the construction, with more than 400 people employed on site at its peak.”

The $221 million contract announced today sits alongside the $80 million allocated for specialist equipment like the pool tanks, hydroslides, water toys, fixtures, furniture and other equipment, and the money spent to date on professional services, land remediation and ground improvement.

 “As previously discussed, we have altered the design and delivery method to save money where we could, but with construction costs continually rising, the reality is if we want this facility we need to get the build underway now,” says Mr Bridgman.

Christchurch City Council will own and operate the Metro Sports Facility and will make a capped contribution of $148m to the project. The Crown has already purchased the land, giving the Metro Sports Facility a high-profile location on Moorhouse Avenue.

Mr Bridgman says the Metro Sports Facility will provide both a touchstone for community wellbeing and economic benefits for the city.

“Christchurch City Council expect the Metro Sports Facility to host eight to twelve national and international events each year, which will bring mums, dads, family and supporters from all around the country, and they’ll be using our hotels and motels, eating out and going shopping.”

March Menard JV is on track to complete the installation of the last of the 7200 in-ground stone columns in early May, during which time CPB will begin setting up on site.