30 May 2024

Cantabrian, former Chief Executive and business advisor Bryan Pearson, is the new Chair of Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL).

The Council unanimously appointed Mr Pearson for a three-year term, effective immediately, following a recommendation from the Appointments Committee, consisting of Mayor Phil Mauger, Deputy Mayor Pauline Cotter, and external commercial advisor Gill Cox.

Bryan Pearson bio:
  • Almost  30 years’ experience in Chief Executive and Board Chair roles in the private and public sectors in New Zealand and Australia
  • Experience across a range of sectors, including professional services, retail, manufacturing, global distribution, venues and events, healthcare, vertical infrastructure development, and education
  • Former Chair and Chief Executive of CCOs.

The Mayor says it was great that someone of Mr Pearson’s calibre will take up the role.

“We were mightily impressed by Bryan’s experience and skills. He’s focused on building relationships across a range of stakeholders and demonstrated a strong commitment to the role,” he says.

“Bryan is well aware of the key challenges facing CCHL. We’re confident he will build a collaborative and inclusive Board.”

Mr Pearson says he is dedicated to the City and its future.  He is motivated to support the Council and its subsidiaries and will call on his prior experience working with Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs).

“I’m committed to building trust and confidence between the Council and CCHL and to ensuring we are aligned and working well together in the city's best interests,” he says.

Mr Pearson started in the role today.  He will meet with CCHL staff by the end of the week and with subsidiary Board Chairs shortly after.