Natural hazards  |  14 May 2020

Christchurch City Council has agreed to change the District Plan to reflect updated information on the slope instability risk in some parts of the Port Hills.

After the earthquakes, properties identified as being affected by, or at risk from rockfall, cliff collapse or mass movement were included within slope instability hazard areas -  called slope instability overlays - in the District Plan. In the slope instability overlays, most development requires resource consent.

However, hazard removal works done over the past few years, coupled with new technical information, means some properties are now considered at less risk.   

Last year the Council sought to amend the overlays using a plan change process under the Resource Management Act.  That process culminated today with the Council agreeing to the changes. 

 Updating the overlays will affect 84 properties, with 83 of those properties having less restrictive rules, offering property owners certainty and reduced costs in developing their properties. The Council has engaged directly with affected property owners throughout the formal plan change process.

 There is now an appeal period, before a Council decision to make the plan change operative.