Financial matters  |  6 Aug 2019

Christchurch City Council is meeting today to hear deputations from the public on its proposed Global Settlement with the Crown.

"The Global Settlement has been the subject of months of negotiations between senior Crown and Council officials. It is designed to resolve outstanding issues from the Cost Sharing Agreement the Council and the Crown signed in 2013,'' says Mayor Lianne Dalziel.

“When the Cost Sharing Agreement was signed, not only was there no opportunity for the public to hear the debate, even the Councillors were not privy to all the detail until several months after the agreement was signed,’’ the Mayor says.

“I’m on the public record as saying things would be done differently with the Global Settlement and that there would be transparency in the decision-making.

“Apart from some minor redactions necessary for commercial reasons, we have released the full Global Settlement agreement so that people can see what we will be debating in public on Thursday.''

Under the Council's Standing Orders public deputations can be made on the day an agenda item is being considered by the Council. In this case the deputations are scheduled for Tuesday and the meeting will then be adjourned to Thursday.

People can hear the deputations and follow Thursday’s debate on the Global Settlement through the Council’s live stream.