Transport options  |  09 Jul 2019

More than 5000 central city workers have so far taken advantage of a Christchurch City Council programme offering free travel advice.

Christchurch City Council’s free City Travel Planning Programme offers personalised advice and information on all transport options – including carpooling, driving, biking, walking or travelling by bus - with a focus on the health and environmental benefits of active and public transport.

Council's City Travel Planning programme

About a quarter of people who take part in the full City Travel Planning Programme end up switching to travel by bike, bus, on foot, or carpooling.

The City Travel Planning team can visit the business site and work with staff individually if needed, providing customised journey planning sessions and advice along with practical resources such as Metrocards for the bus.

The programme is led by the Council in partnership with Environment Canterbury, the Selwyn and Waimakariri District Councils and NZ Transport Agency, and it has already been used by more than 30 workplaces and over 5000 staff who were about to move to, or already located in, the central city.

Council survey results show organisations that have taken part in the full programme in the lead-up to their central city move have seen a quarter of staff switching to travel either by bus, bike, walking or carpooling.

About 250 students and 40 staff at Yoobee School of Design have been given advice and support from the City Travel Planning team ahead of their shift from their Ilam campus to a new site on Colombo St, near South City Mall, in July.

Yoobee Careers Advisor Natalia Machdoem says it was helpful to get more information on safe cycle routes and bus services. 

“The presentations just gave them different options to think about and explained them. A lot of the students and staff wanted to know if there are any other off-site car parking options or better bike routes.

“I think a lot of people were considering driving but they’re now thinking about busing – because we are going to be quite close to the Bus Interchange - or biking. And it makes them think ahead about what bus they would need to catch or what route they would take.”

Council Transport Operations Manager Steffan Thomas says it’s critical that city workers and students are able to make the most well-informed choice possible about their daily commute.

“The City Travel Planning programme helps organisations get to know their different travel options and encourages people to make the best decision they can for their individual circumstances.

“Many businesses have used the service and have found it beneficial for their staff and we want to get the message out there even wider that the programme is available and our team is ready to help.”

If you're interested in free city travel planning for your workplace, call the planning team on 03 941 5360 or email