16 Apr 2020

Christchurch City Council has reconfirmed its commitment to doing all it can to protect the public’s health and kick-starting the city’s economy, as the country prepares for a potential change in COVID-19 alert status.

“We are looking closely at what activities we could re-start if we move from Alert Level 4 to Alert Level 3 next week,’’ says Mary Richardson, who is leading the Council’s COVID-19 Incident Management Team.

“Where we can re-start things we will because we know that will help our city’s recovery, but our number one priority is protecting the public’s health and preventing the spread of COVID-19.’’

Ms Richardson says it is likely that work on Council construction projects and maintenance activities will be able to resume under Alert Level 3.

“Under Alert Level 3 our parks will remain open and we will reopen the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, but people will still be required to maintain physical distancing,’’ the Mayor says.

However, most Council facilities will need to remain closed.

Although people will not be able to visit Council facilities under Alert Level 3, they will continue to be able to access services online and through the Council’s Contact Centre.

“Prior to the lockdown we had put in place systems that allow our staff to continue to provide services to the public remotely. Our libraries and sport and recreation teams, for example, have developed innovative new ways of reaching people and this will continue to happen under Alert Level 3.

“The Council will also continue processing consents remotely so people can push ahead with planned projects.

 “As we finalise our plans for a potential move to Alert Level 3, we will keep residents, business and partners fully informed of any changes to the way our services and facilities operate. We'll also provide information on projects that we can restart,’’ Ms Richardson says.