28 Sep 2017

Christchurch City Council staff will continue to have talks with the Christchurch Memorial RSA about options for relocating the Citizens War Memorial.

The Citizens War Memorial, unveiled in 1937, sits alongside the earthquake damaged Christ Church Cathedral in Cathedral Square. It has been fenced off to the public since the earthquakes.

RSA members made a deputation to Christchurch City Council.

Christchurch Memorial RSA members address the Christchurch City Council.

On Thursday a delegation from Christchurch Memorial RSA addressed the Council meeting and told them they wanted the memorial moved to Cranmer Square because they believed it was a more fitting location for “quiet and sombre reflection’’.

They told the elected members they were worried if the memorial stayed in its current location it would remain off- limits to the public for the next five or 10 years while the Cathedral was rebuilt.

RSA member Paul O’Connor said the memorial was built to honour the 4199 Cantabrians who lost their lives in World War and they “deserved peace and tranquility’’.

The Council agreed that staff would continue to have talks with the RSA about temporary and permanent location options for the memorial and examine the potential for using new legislation designed to aid the restoration of the Cathedral to also assist in the relocation of the memorial.

The Council have asked staff to report back on progress by the end of November.