9 Mar 2023

On Tuesday 14 March the Council will consider a report seeking approval to move to the second, and final, stage of the procurement process to find an alternative to the Organics Processing Plant.

Following an initial procurement process, six potential sites and providers have been shortlisted.  None of the proposed processing sites are located on land owned by the Christchurch City Council.  

“It’s critical Council finds the best future organics processing solution for Christchurch. This means we have to follow a fair, objective procurement process, considering all options on their merits.” says Head of Transport and Waste Lynette Ellis 

“This means that the procurement plan and details about the six suppliers, sites and solutions will remain confidential at this stage as they are commercially sensitive and we don’t want to risk the procurement process being compromised. This could happen if any commercially sensitive information is released prematurely, giving the potential for bias ahead of the process being completed or potential solutions being undermined.

Last year the Council agreed in principle to move the processing of organics to an alternative location. A procurement process started and in August 2022 an Expression of Interest for an organics plant to replace the Metro Place facility was released.

Fifteen responses were received, which have since been shortlisted to six. This final stage of the procurement process will involve the six shortlisted suppliers submitting a competitive bid through a closed Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

Key elements that will be considered in selecting the final organics processing solution include:

  • Suitable site and location, including access to utilities and consented for a period not less than 15-years
  • Selection of the most appropriate technology, including full odour containment and treatment
  • Secure end markets for all finished product
  • Selection of a suitably qualified and experienced operator

Ms Ellis says following the final stage of the procurement process a ranked list of preferred suppliers and solutions will be presented to the elected Council, early next year, for its consideration.

“Once a preferred supplier is approved by the Council a contract is expected to be awarded by February 2024.The wellbeing and quality of life of our residents is a priority for the Council. We hope that the decision to seek Council support to proceed to the final stage of procurement will be welcomed by the Bromley community. We thank the community for their patience and understanding while we work through the next stage in this process.”

Read the Council report.