15 Dec 2023

At their latest briefing on their coming budget, Christchurch City Council staff have presented the Mayor and Councillors with options that would achieve a rates increase between 11.3% and 13.38%.

Watch the briefing here.

The Long Term Plan 2024–34 (LTP) outlines the Council's activities, services, capital programme and finances for the next 10 years.

Mayor Phil Mauger says this latest figure is the result of a thorough joint process between staff and elected members.

“As we’ve developed the LTP over these last months, we have weighed up the increasing costs of living, the services our residents have come to expect, and the deliverability of the Council’s programme of capital works.

“We have aimed to keep the initial and largest rates increase of the LTP, for the 2024/25 year, to between 9% and 12%, excluding the costs of delivering Te Kaha. The work to date has got us to where this is actually feasible.”

See the full list of current recommendations here. Some of the recommendations, along with responses to Councillor questions, will be considered in early 2024.

The Council will adopt the Draft LTP with the final proposed rates figures in February 2024, and the draft will go out for public feedback in March. The final LTP will be adopted in June.