Facilities, Sport & recreation  |  15 Apr 2021

Christchurch City Council’s Recreation and Sports Services unit has apologised for an error in the projected maintenance costs for Wharenui Pool after the Wharenui Swim Club reviewed the figures this morning.

It was estimated the cost to maintain and operate Wharenui Pool for the next 10 years would be more than $7.7 million. Staff agree there is a substantial error in our calculations, and that the estimated cost could be up to $5 million less than what was originally projected.

“We have committed to working with Wharenui Swim Club to refresh this data to ensure we have an accurate figure for the projected costs over the next 10 to 20 years,” Council Manager Recreation Sports Services David Bailey says.

“We’d like to apologise to the community and key stakeholders, particularly those who have taken the time to make a submission on the future use of the pool.”

Wharenui Swim Club President Chris Averill says he’s pleased the Council will review the cost estimates with the club.

Consultation remains open on the Draft Long Term Plan until Sunday 18 April.

Submissions on the proposed decommissioning of Wharenui Pool to this point will still be considered.