1 Aug 2023

Atypical traffic data from the Covid-19 pandemic could see the bus lane trial on Cranford Street extended.

Christchurch City Councillors will consider a report at their meeting on August 2 to extend the trial of a special bus lane between Innes Road and Berwick Street until February 2024. The bus lane was originally installed in 2021 to help manage the impact of potential traffic changes following the opening of the Christchurch Northern Motorway. 

“Staff are currently reviewing three original options for Cranford Street between Innes Road and Berwick Street including bus lane, clearway and high-occupancy vehicle land. Public consultation will be undertaken in September to gather feedback on these three options,” the report says.

After the consultation, staff will report back to the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board and Council on the preferred option in October/November.

The bus lane trial has been in place for more than two years, however a lot of that period coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is likely to have resulted in atypical traffic patterns, including reduced traffic volumes and bus patronage which do not accurately represent typical traffic conditions on Cranford Street and the local surrounding area,” the report says.

Extending the trial to 2024 will allow staff to assess the impact of the bus lane on traffic flow, safet and bus journey times under normal traffic conditions.

“It will also allow for further community engagement and stakeholder feedback to ensure that the views and preferences of those affected and interested are properly considered in the decision-making process.”

The bus lane trial will be superseded when a final decision on the solution is made.

Read the full report here.