11 May 2023

A lane closure and speed restrictions will remain in place on the Moorhouse Avenue Overbridge until work begins on a permanent fix.

The bridge sustained damage after being hit by a truck transporting a digger yesterday morning. Subsequent assessments have confirmed the damage to the beam struck by the digger is isolated and largely superficial.

A temporary repair has been carried out on the damaged beam which means traffic management underneath the bridge has been removed, turning movements have been reinstated and parking reopened.

Christchurch City Council engineers and contractors are currently working on options for a permanent fix.

“Once that work is finalised, we’ll be able to get on with the needed repairs and will let residents know more as soon as possible,” Head of Transport Lynette Ellis says.

“Until then, the westbound outside lane has to remain closed and the speed limit will stay at 30km/h to reduce vibrations on the bridge particularly with the number of heavy vehicles that use the road. If possible, motorists should continue to use alternate routes.”

If the situation changes and our understanding of the risk profile changes, we will reassess the requirements to have temporary traffic management in place.

“We are aware that the delays will be frustrating for motorists. Safety of all users is our primary concern, so we thank everyone for their patience following this unexpected incident,” Ms Ellis says.