Facilities  |  23 Mar 2022

The earthquake-damaged Centennial Hall, at the corner of Sparks Road and Lyttelton Street in Spreydon, is being demolished.

The Council-owned community centre building will be taken down from 28 March, after sitting empty since it was deemed earthquake-prone following the 2010/11 earthquakes.

A building is considered earthquake-prone if an engineering analysis shows it is 33 per cent or less of the New Building Standard. The Centennial Hall, built in 1955, is at 20 per cent.

“It’s a shame to say goodbye to something that’s been a familiar landmark in the Spreydon community for nearly 70 years, but the fact is that Centennial Hall needs a lot of work, and bringing it up to a safe and modern standard isn’t financially viable for the Council or any potential buyer,” says Karolin Potter, Chair of the Waihoro Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board.

“The most sensible solution is to demolish it and explore what other use we can put the site to that will benefit the Spreydon community. The Council is carefully considering all the available options to get the best use out of the site.”

As well as supporting the disposal of Centennial Hall in its submission to the Long Term Plan 2021–31, the Board also showed support for the possible further development of the existing community facility at 90 Hoon Hay Road to contribute to the life and activities of the local community. A group of volunteers is discussing this opportunity with the Board.

Local memorabilia will be removed from the building prior to demolition, and where possible displayed in another location in the community yet to be decided.  

The demolition is expected to be completed and the site cleared by mid 2022.