Dogs  |  3 Jul 2024

Looking to adopt a dog? This July, Council’s Animal Management team is making the process a little bit easier.

For the month of July, Animal Management will be wiping the adoption fee in an attempt to get more dogs into their forever homes.

“We’ve noticed an increase in the number of dogs coming into our shelter, and we really want to help these pups get rehomed to loving families,” says Animal Services Manager Lionel Bridger.

“We know it’s a challenging time at the moment so this month we want to help where we can to get these dogs adopted.”

Dog registration and vaccination fees still apply. Microchipping is already free for all registered dogs in Christchurch.

“Adopting a dog is a huge decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, so we have a few criteria owners must meet before we send our pups home with them,” says Mr Bridger.

New owners must pass a property inspection to ensure their home is the appropriate place for the chosen dog, owners must have landlord consent if renting, and where applicable they must have a history of good dog ownership.

If you already have a pooch, staff will arrange a meet and greet to assess suitability.

“We want our dogs to go to their forever homes, and we don’t want to get this wrong,” Mr Bridger says.

“Our team does the best we can to make sure each dogs new home is where they’re going to stay.”

Dogs for adoption are posted on the Council's Facebook page

If you’re looking to adopt a dog, please call the Animal Shelter on 03 941 7048, or visit them at 10 Metro Place.