Water  |  19 Dec 2022

Remission applications are now available on excess water charges for eligible Christchurch and Banks Peninsula residents.

Households that regularly use much more water than average now pay extra for their water supply.

The new rating scheme targets the small proportion of households in the district who use, on average, more than 700 litres of water a day.

High water users pay a fixed rate of $1.35 for every 1000 litres they use over the limit, with the first bills scheduled to go out in late January 2023. Households who fall into the high use category will not get charged until their bill tops $25 – which equates to average use of approximately 900 litres a day.

Head of Three Waters Helen Beaumont says remission applications are now open for eligible households. If approved, a remission fully or partially reduces an excess water bill.

“If a household’s high water use is due to having more than eight family members, a leak that has been fixed, and/or a medical condition then they can put in a remission application.”

“The first invoices aren’t due to be sent until late January. We’ve opened applications for remissions now, and people who meet the criteria can have a remission application approved in advance.”

“Residents can apply online through the Council’s website, or by filling in a paper form which can be requested from our call centre or picked up at any Council service centre.”

“As part of the application process residents need to provide property information, details about their situation, and evidence such as a doctor’s note or invoice from a certified plumber.”

“When we’re considering applications we’ll review a household’s water consumption history including the difference between summer and winter consumption. “

“If a property’s water use is a lot higher over summer this can indicate outdoor water use for gardening and irrigation, and that household may not be eligible for a remission.”

Find out more about the criteria for remissions, what evidence is required and make an application on the Council website.