24 Jul 2023

Christchurch City Council is inviting feedback on a number of additional points from submissions lodged for its proposed District Plan Change 14.

The Council’s Housing and Business Choice Plan Change (Plan Change 14), together with its Heritage Plan Change (Plan Change 13), were originally notified for submissions from 17 March to 12 May 2023.

Further submissions were then invited from 30 June to 17 July 2023.

From today until 7 August 2023, anyone who meets the requirements in the Resource Management Act can make a further submission on additional and amended points raised in an addendum of Plan Change 14 submissions published by the Council.

“Some Plan Change 14 submissions or points in submissions were accidentally left out of the collection made public on 30 June 2023,” says Council Head of Planning and Consents John Higgins.

“In other instances, the summarised submission points didn’t entirely reflect the full submission, or the points were identified as being only for Plan Change 13 when in fact they were for Plan Change 14 as well.

“All of this has now been corrected and included in an addendum to the original summary of submissions, which people can make a further submission on from today.”

A late submission was received from Christchurch Casinos Limited on 10 July and the Independent Hearings Panel has agreed to also notify this from today, says Mr Higgins.

“Even if you submitted on the plan change during the original notification period, or the following further-submissions period, you can still make another submission now if you meet the Act’s requirements – but it must be limited to only the amended or additional submission points included in the addendum to the summary of submissions.

“If you do make a further submission, you must also supply a copy of it to the original submitter within five working days of you providing your further submission to the Council.”

Plan Change 14 has been designed to bring the city’s District Plan in line with the Government’s national direction to allow more multi-unit housing developments, and to allow greater intensification in and around the Central City and suburban centres.

Further submissions on additional and amended decisions sought in submissions on Plan Change 13 (Heritage) will be invited at a later date.

People can make a further submission on Plan Change 14, check whether they meet the requirements, and find submitters’ contact details by visiting the Council’s submission webpage.

Hard copies of the submission form are available from the Council’s Civic Offices, service centres and libraries.

Make a further submission on Plan Change 14