15 Sep 2020

Christchurch is poised to play a bigger role in the film and video industry.

The Associate Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration Poto Williams has approved a proposal that allows for the development and operation of commercial film and video production facilities in some areas of Christchurch.

Up until now only Auckland and Wellington have had dedicated film studios despite the fact much of the outdoor filming in New Zealand takes place at South Island locations.

Earlier this year Regenerate Christchurch submitted a proposal under section 71 of the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act that sought to amend the Christchurch District Plan and the Canterbury Regional Policy to make it possible to establish permanent film studios in some commercial, rural and industrial zones in the city.

Ms Williams says the proposal identified the film industry as an immediate regeneration opportunity and potential growth area for Christchurch.

“Permanent commercial film and video production facilities have not been specifically provided for in the Christchurch District Plan to date. Approving the proposal will change that and remove what has been considered a barrier for development in this industry.’’

While resource consents are still likely to be required for aspects of commercial film and video production activities, the amendments are intended to provide a clearer and more enabling regulatory environment.

This should help to encourage the establishment of commercial film and video production facilities in Christchurch.