Better streets & spaces  |  23 Aug 2019

The final push is onto complete the upgrade of Sumner Village.

Contractors have been working since March on rejuvenating the Marriner Street/Wakefield Avenue/Nayland Street area by replacing the ageing infrastructure and introducing new landscaping and paving features.

The work is part of the Sumner Village Master Plan and is designed to make the area more attractive and people-friendly.

Contractors have largely completed work on replacing the underground pipes and are now in the final stages of installing new road surfaces, kerbs, footpaths and lighting.

“They are on track to complete the work by the end of September but unfortunately the final stages of the work will cause some disruption for people visiting, or travelling through, Sumner Village,’’ says Christchurch City Council Transport Planning and Delivery Manager Lynette Ellis.

“For the next three weeks there will be restricted access to Nayland Street and Wakefield Avenue, with a stop/go system in place and no turning allowed into Nayland Street.

“We appreciate your continued support. We know this last push will be inconvenient but the finish line is in sight,'' Ms Ellis says.