27 Sep 2016

Celebrating art, science, technology and culture, the Fun Palaces festival is coming up at Central Library Peterborough.

A programme of free, family activities is on offer this weekend, October 1 and 2.

It includes a virtual spider demonstration, interactive trampoline gaming, creating your own fun palace through Minecraft, robot technology, building a solar oven, and a Fabriko Electronic Sticker Fun Palace - the chance to made a card, paper critter or fan that lights up with an electronic circuit kids can build themselves.

Fun Palaces is an international campaign that began in 2014 to promote science, art and culture and make them accessible to everyone. It’s an annual weekend of events organised by locals for their own community, where arts and sciences are a catalyst for participatation.

Try new things at Fun Palaces

Try new things at Fun Palaces

Fun Palaces Co-Director Stella Duffy, who grew up in Tokoroa but is now based in Britain, said it was great to have Fun Palaces taking place in the city again this year. Last year it was a big success attracting 5000 people. 

"We love what they did with it in last year, and we're really looking forward to whatever they do this year. Arts and sciences belong with the people.  Fun Palaces is all about making, creating, working with everyone, of any age and background, bringing people together to celebrate what's best in our communities.  Christchurch City Libraries did that brilliantly last year; we have no doubt they'll do the same or better this year." 

For more information on the Central Library Peterborough events and times see Christchurch City Libraries