Central city  |  21 Mar 2023

Phase One of the reinstatement of Christ Church Cathedral has been completed.

Today, Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Limited is celebrating the completion of the first phase of the reinstatement project. The Cathedral is stabilised and the project is on track to be completed in 2027. 

“We’re inside!” exclaimed Keith Paterson,  Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project Director. 

“The project has moved quicker than expected thanks to a collaborative approach between the project team. We spent over a year planning and preparing for the work to commence and have been onsite in construction mode almost three years. We’re very focused and keen to complete this project for the city."

Says project Chair Mark Stewart: "Being able to invite community leaders to join us inside the Cathedral for the first time today is a huge milestone. We’re four years in and have four years to go so it was important for us to pause today and acknowledge how far we have come, to celebrate the team which has got us here, what they have achieved and how we’re playing our part to reinstate the heart of Christchurch. It’s an exciting and iconic project. We’re all so proud to be part of it." 

The project now moves into the second phase - strengthening and reinstatement of the main Cathedral and Tower. Phase three, the new Cathedral Centre and Visitors Centre, commences in 2025. 

“The reinstated Cathedral will look the same as it did prior to the earthquakes but will have many modern enhancements and comforts such as heating, lighting and acoustic improvements. The reinstated Cathedral has been designed to meet latest structural standards for a new public building. Once completed the Cathedral, Tower, Cathedral Centre and Visitors Centre will seamlessly integrate with Cathedral Square," says Mr Paterson.