Facilities  |  12 Nov 2020

The job of building Hornby’s new multi-use community facility is about to go out to the market.

Christchurch City Council has approved the project’s procurement plan, which means the construction can now go out to tender.

“This decision means the project is now locked into our schedule, and that everything is now full steam ahead for construction to start in early 2021.  Our aim is to have the facility open towards the end of 2022,” says Mayor Lianne Dalziel.

“This is very welcome news for the community, who have been campaigning for years to have a facility like this to fill the very real gap in library and recreation services in their corner of town. This new community facility is going to be a good investment in Hornby’s future and will provide work for our local construction sector.”

The Council is investing $35.7 million into the multi-use centre to meet the needs of the growing population living in the south-west of Christchurch. The facility will be built on the east side of Kyle Park. An early works package will be tendered first, to get the site prepared starting in early 2021. The main construction work will be tendered separately, and will get underway in mid 2021.

Architectural firm Warren and Mahoney developed the concept designs for the 4000 square metre Hornby Centre following discussions with the community.

The new centre will have a range of community and recreational spaces, including a library, a lane pool, a learn-to-swim pool, a toddlers’ wet play area, a spa pool and a customer services zone.

There is also an expresso bar, a creative activities room, and multipurpose rooms that community groups can use for meetings.

A hydrotherapy pool could be included in the facility at a later date. It is not currently in the scope of the project, but the Greater Hornby Residents Association and Hornby Rotary are coordinating a community fundraising effort so one can be added.